Jennifer S. Goldsmith was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her family moved frequently, but she always found her way back to northern California. Eventually, Jennifer settled in the San Jose area to attend college and law school.

Like many of today’s college students, Ms. Goldsmith worked a full time job while attending San Jose State University. She completed her Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in Sociology and Behavioral Sciences with minors in Music and Mathematics in December 2004. After college, Jennifer continued to gain experience in the workforce with both Non-Profit entities and large corporations before breaking into the legal field as a Legal Assistant in a small civil litigation firm in Pleasanton, CA.

Ms. Goldsmith worked diligently in her role as a Legal Assistant to gain knowledge and experience before embarking on her next challenge, law school. In 2007, Jennifer made the leap and began her study at the Santa Clara University School of Law. A short three years later, she graduated from Santa Clara University with her Juris Doctor in May 2010. She then took and passed the California State Bar Exam in July 2010. Ms. Goldsmith is currently an active member in good standing of the California Bar Association.

Shortly before graduating from law school, Jennifer became involved with the Fraternal Order of Police. To date, she has helped to set up a new FOP Lodge in the Silicon Valley and has been added to the list of approved attorneys for the FOP Legal Defense Plan. Additionally, Ms. Goldsmith is the current general counsel for Silicon Valley FOP Lodge 52. The FOP is a national fraternal organization for Peace Officers, serving more than 325,000 members across the United States. Ms. Goldsmith is a proud member of this organization and strives to continue to serve all members of our first responder community.

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